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why grow dreads naturally?

By Alejandro, 2012-06-08

I'm 9 weeks into my dreadlock expiriance and a couple of locks of hair in the back are starting to dread at the tips. Its pretty interesting how the strands of hair are all jumbled up and locked together and slowly locking its way up to my scalp. Lil by lil the rest will begin to catch, lock and grow and I look forward to seeing the end result.

But seeing the beginning stages of my locks really shows that this isn't something u rush into and go to a hair salon and get done. This is something you must grow into and it into you. Its an expiriance that must be lived to truly understand and apriciate the dreadlock itself. Their is many different lessons of life that can be learned from an eperiance like this. Even though Im only beginning this journey, I can already see the long lasting benafits of this transformation.

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baking soda

By Alejandro, 2012-05-14
I washed my hair for the first time with baking soda and I have to say I don't think I've ever felt my head and hair so clean and chemical free before. For anyone who hasn't tryed it before, u are missing ouut!! Go grab sum from ur fridge and go put it on ur head when uu shower. That's not how it works but its pretty close. Jus mix suum in sum water then pput it on ur head.
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Washing your hair

By Alejandro, 2012-04-18

Is it okay to wash ur hair everytime u shower when ur first starting to neglect ur hair so it can lock up. or should u only wash ur hair like once a week or every other week. once a month?!?!?

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i think that if u neglect your hair that slowly over time the ends will tangle and as strands of hair fall they tangle up in the lock of hair.

over time the hair that falls out build up and locks up and ends up turning into dreadslocks.

if im right let me know. cuz this is how i think it happends.

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Sea Salt

By Alejandro, 2012-04-02
Can you over use se salt your dreads and damage your hair?
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the twist and pull method of dreads

By Alejandro, 2012-03-31
I just started my dreads with the twist n pull method aand they came out very nice, but does any body have any advice on making the locks hold up on a day to day basis, with showeing, sleeping, moving around?
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