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New to the natural method

07/05/12 09:03:00AM

My whole head was back combed and I ended up taking them out because I hated the sectioning my friend did and they just looked....fake. Not to mention I was stupid and put wax some of them (before I found this site of course)

Now that I took the baby dreads out and all of the wax is gone (that process was a pain! Thank goodness my mother is a cosmetologist)I would like to start my dreadlock journey again but going the natural way.

I bought baking soda, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, and ACVwhile I had the back combed locks and I also bought a bottle of Dreadlocks Shampoo Dragons Blood.

How many times a week should I wash my hair with either the BS mix and ACV or the Dreadlocks Shampoo?

I'm sure besides doing that I don't do anything else to them but seperate if I find any congos starting, right?

I have pretty fine hair (not super fine, but fine) so I'm not sure if that is harder to end up locking or not...When I was homeless I didn't comb my hair for a week and my whole head started knotting up in random spots. Since then my hair type seems to of changed a bit though....Hopefully it will lock quickly again.

My husband has his back combed dreads still (their like 2 weeks old)and he put wax in them and refuses to start over. He thinks I am insane for wanting to try it the natural way and is convinced that I will get bugs or something. In the end, I will have the beautiful locks and he will be way jealous :D

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