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Question about how hair dreads.

Star Mercer
11/12/11 10:05:50AM

So back in May, I "made" my dreads with the backcombing method. I had them for about 3 months and they just weren't turning out like I wanted. So I combed them out. My husband told me I would regret it... and I did! Maybe a month ago, I stopped combing my hair and made the decision to go natural this time. They are coing along... ok... I guess so here is my question.

I know ALL dreads dread at a different rate and in different ways. I have some really strong, tight dreads going and others are just sectioned hair. The dreads that I do have are only dreaded from about the middle down. I'm wondering since they are already knotted on the bottom, if it will give the top half enough room to move and knot up?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys!


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