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dreadlocks shampoo

" Converted"

08/28/11 06:34:28AM


couple of years ago when i was still 'stupid' an unknowing, unconscious i deceided to backcomm dreads in my hair. Now some 3 years later i got sick of them and i feel the need for naturals, (i felt this for quite some while now) So my question is: (i have asked alot of people, most don't know it ) can i comb my crochet dreads out and keep my lenght of hair or will i have to cut everything / will my hair be too much damaged by the backcombing and crochet hook to start dreading naturally (i think it will be broken too much)

I have 5 naturals already, in the back of my hair and i like em very much, so even if i have to cut the rest of my hair, i still have some left :)

If there is already a topic about this, im sorry to have started this one, i looked already on the forum and did not see it, if there is, delete my post and tell me where to look please :-)

greetings from a young and evolving dready on the way to light

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