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last time it was a wax disaster

Erin Joy Lauzon
08/13/09 01:37:21AM
i started these current dreads on my own. it took me about three weeks to finish them all as i was being super meticulous about the development of each one... backcombing, twist/ripping, palm rolling, latching, interlocking.... etcnow that theyre at a state thats acceptable for my work i'm gonna let them do their own thing and i'm sure they'll be just fine.but last time...a girl i know who also at that time had dreads wanted to help me 'finish them' sorry rhonda if you ever end up in this forum, but yipes! she used about 2/3rds of a jar of knotty boy wax during the process. She still does dreads for other ppl as a sideline, hopefully a bit less wax crazy.Anyways, i gotta say, theres nothing worse than that feeling that your face, neck and shoulders are perpetually coated in a film of wax! shower all you like, loofah, scrub, solvents.... nothing gets rid of it. its not just hard on the dreads; it sucks for the skin, the bedding, the clothing, and the confidance in the decision to dread in the first, i'm not entirely antiwax. I totally relate with ppl who admit to having used it to make dreads look super neat for big formal events, and i think infrequent sparing use like this is ok. but the idea that its a neccessary part of regular dread maintenance is a straight up fallacy. my current dreads arent even a month old but already they look and feel much better than they did at 6 months last go round.
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