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By: Alana2
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I really don't know what to do right now. All my dreads are becoming one big congo and it really hurts to pull them apart! I have to pull them apart every day and i'm getting so fed up.. I just feel like getting rid of them since they are bringing me so much stress but i can't because i love them so much :( what does everyone do with there roots so that your dreads don't lock together?
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/25/11 04:11:47PM @soaring-eagle:

frustrated trying to read that with the text color almst the same as background lol

but when u seperate be thourough rip to the scalp then try to find and still cionnecting hairs pressed to the scalp wiggle a finger under and pull up and out

then press your fingers against the scalp (2 fingers between fdrweads) and push apart pushing the hair at the scalp towards the dreads they belong in

after a couple weeks doing hat they shoukld train themselves more

do it when damp to ewet and its easier

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