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Location: Frewsburg, NY
Zipcode: 14738
Country: US


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By AJ3, 2013-07-10
It's been a few months since I've blogged so here's a quick update. All my tips have locked and I have one completely dreaded deadlock now! After the tnr and switching to an all natural bar soap to wash and sleeping in a tam, all of them have stayed in except for 3 or 4 that washed out on two separate occasions.To all of the new to be dreadies, stay focused and be patient it will happen.
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I was wondering if anyone who has previously stopped smoking has had any issues with concentration after giving up smoking. I am having a horrible time with focusing on tasks and would like any advice as far as remedies, or how to not feel like I have ADD x 100 , lol. Thanks!
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AJ's Timeline beginning Nov 12

By AJ3, 2013-04-11
Nov 2012Jan 2013 started twisting and using gelJan 2013 still twisting and using gel : /Feb 2013March 2013 waxed : (April 2013 washed out wax and bleachedApril 2013 backcombedMore to come this weekend, after first BS/ACV rinse!
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