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Location: Nutley, NJ
Zipcode: 07110
Country: US

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3.5 month update

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video file: 21.4MB, 00:04:38

12/31/11 02:30:42AM @purkurr:

How sweet, your hair looks wonderful!

12/28/11 04:29:17PM @treeofdread:


12/27/11 06:13:19PM @heather:

i think it's because the hair right around my ears is baby fine so it just doesn't hold a knot well. i'm putting up a couple new pics today:)

12/27/11 10:39:49AM @aika:

thank you so much everyone :)

change, i never noticed that, but now i can kind of see that. haha.

and heather, isnt that so annoying? haha. i cant believe after 15 months you still have those. i have so much respect for the amount of patience you have. you should post more pictures by the way!

12/27/11 01:37:26AM @janice:

They are coming along nicely! You are so pretty. Your dreads have great character!

12/27/11 01:01:36AM @heather:

your hair is looking awesome! i have the same issue. my side hair above my ears is still smooth, soft hair even after 15 months. hopefully one day it will dread up.

Castaway J
12/26/11 10:08:16PM @castaway-j:
awesomeeeee!!!!!!! they look great, i love them so many look like dream catchers!! right on Aika

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