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Agota Urbikaite


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dread gel!

By Agota Urbikaite, 2014-07-18

heyy! so i was in town today and a dude with dreadlocks started talking to me about my dreads :) he said that i should buy a dread gel, put it on and twist. that way they will become smooth and less frizzy. (my natural dreads are a year old and are incredibly frizzy and messy) i just wanted to know if its good for the dreads or if i should avoid it.

thank you :)

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dyeing dreads!

By Agota Urbikaite, 2013-09-20

i was just wondering if its possible to dye dreads. if it is then is it bad for the dreadlocks?

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By Agota Urbikaite, 2013-09-20

im nearly 2 months into the natural method and ive been washing my hair with BS/ACV. i have noticed white residue or something on my scalp, not the hair just skin. its not dandruff. could it dead skin since BS exfoliates the scalp or what?

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baby dreads and school! help!

By Agota Urbikaite, 2013-09-20

ive dreading my hair naturally for nearly 2 months now. i have to tie my hair up for school. but i dont like tieing it up all the time because i think it slows down the dreading process. any ideas on what i could do to hide the mess without slowing it down too much? i cant wear a hat as i have to wear a uniform.

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washing my hair!

By Agota Urbikaite, 2013-07-27

i have stopped brushing my hair for about 4 days now. i wash my hair using baking soda and apple cider vinegar. after each wash i notice white flakes in my hair. i did not have dandruff before starting this method and i see more and more of them with every wash.

my hair seems to become heavier and not as ''fluffy'' as it used to be before. it gets clean but doesnt feel or look like it. am i doing something wrong? also, should i rub my hair dry with a towel so it doesnt drip or just let it dry by itself?

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sleeping with dreads!

By Agota Urbikaite, 2013-07-22

hey! i was just wondering if u need to cover up ur dreads when u r sleeping to prevent them falling apart or getting lint in the dreads? i had TnR dreads for a short while and they fell apart after a few nights.

also, i am now thinking of getting dreads naturally (thanks to this awesome site). i am a little confused about this method, though. what are the steps involved? should i section and seperate my hair every week or so?

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