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Adam Thibodeau


Location: Roanoke, TX
Zipcode: 76262
Country: US


Commented on: dreadheadhq and knotty boy bad dread products real reviews

Adam Thibodeau
02/23/13 11:00:20PM @adam-thibodeau:

I joined here because I have been 'lurking' over the last 3 months to see everything that I had done WRONG with my dread babies. I did start my dreads with a DHHQ dread kit. It wasn't because I was looking for the easiest way, but truly, in my naivete towards wanting to see the 'good' in people, trust etc, I was swayed by Johnny Clean's method, even though the thought of it drove my 'perfectionist' into an utter panic because I knew I wasn't going to be able to follow through with the 'suggested' maintenance; I have a job and a family and life to live. It seemed like I would have to give those up for at least the first year to have the dreads I wanted to have.

I didn't want dreads because of a fashion statement, or because I thought I was going through some kind of crisis. Quite the opposite. I have wanted dreads for a VERY long time. Dreading my hair was like a coming home moment, a missing piece of my puzzle fell into place if you will. Dreads for me were going to be a part of me, and when something is a part of you, you just kind of know how to take care of it (for the most part).

I sectioned and back combed my hair with all my favorite tunes. However, the first time I attempted to put wax in my hair, I was recoiling. I tried to take it out with Dawn dish soap after two days (saw the ring on my jacket collar....GROSS!!). I figured, people have been dreading oh for say...thousands of years...don't think I will die with out wax. But the perfectionist said 'try it again, maybe you were wrong, after all so many people swear by it. Another two days of YUCK...and I washed out out as best I could with Dawn and super hot water. I barely scraped the top of the jar of wax, but it was enough to make me panic about mold and dirt. A thought hit me...dreads have been around...forever..pretty sure I don't need wax..ok, in the garbage it went.

Then came the death of the regime. Palm rolling, dread balling, poking holes in your dreads to pull loose hair through. Perhaps I was not coordinated enough (I can type 100+ wpm) but I couldn't stick a hook through my dread? Really? Something told me not to fight it and I put that away. I took out the bands after about three weeks, because guess what? My hair still wanted to connect together anyway and so I was already separating it naturally (careful not to pull it out at the root etc).

By this time I was looking to other sites looking for encouragement and information because I already knew that I didn't want what DHHQ was selling anymore. It was just too complicated to have dreads, too forced, too unnatural. My pride was naturally a little stung when I found this site and all the other information against DHHQ...not because I had started my dreads that way, but because I was wondering how the heck I missed THIS site?? I got conned...all by myself...

I came to a level of acceptance and understanding with my dread babies after the first 4 weeks and just let them do what they were supposed to. I used the Wax B Gone from the site here, two times, and it feels like I got it all out. I even went so far as to split one (I hate being the kid who missed a direction somewhere and did it wrong) to make sure I didn't have anything growing in there.

Now, I could be really ticked off at DHHQ, but the fact is, a snake oil salesman is a snake oil salesman. It's my job to be more guarded and ask more questions and not ignore the obvious...(HELLOOOO....WAX!) and not get caught up in what seems like a good thing but really isn't. Johnny Clean will continue to sell his wares, but at the end of the day, he has to live with himself (or not, depending on how much denial he is in) and I am here....with happy healthy natural dreadies who just want the best for everyone. And who gives the best? Why mother nature of course! So...thank you all for being here and sharing your experiences and helping others like myself find the path!

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