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0n3L0v33 <3


Location: Eugene, OR
Zipcode: 97402
Country: US


youtube videos: 9
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audio tracks: 15

Dreadlock update and lots of rambling haha sorry

Duration: 00:11:48
Me talking wayyyy to much
Shanxon Lemasters
07/20/11 02:14:57AM @shanxon-lemasters:

OMG I love those pretzels with PB! My mamaw always buys them for me and the kiddos :) Have you tried any peppermint,tea tree, rosemary spray for the itching? It works amazing, and I always add jasmine cause I <3 the smell of it. Yay for the earring!!! I am so proud of you for selling your tv's I could never do that, between my kiddos and husband and siblings they'd kill me, tho most of the time it's just my background music and I don't watch it :P I've also moved a lot, mainly around Ohio tho I have lived in Georgia for a short time as a child, I'm really trying to buy a house so that my kiddos have stability and somewhere they know that they will always have to come back to because it's something I've always dreamed of as a child we'd move every year essentually and now my son is 6 and he's moved 6 times...a trend I want to stop. I love the feather tattoo idea! Kind of talked your ear off but I'm tired and tend to ramble on lol good luck with packing and moving!!!!

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